No coffee for you!!


So you stumbled across this because you are now in full caffeine withdrawal mode after the four you’ve already had today. OR you hate coffee but thought this was a certain S-coffee house pick up location for skinny pumpkin spice latte lovers huh? Tsk tsk tsk

Sorry to burst your bubble here- the only coffee here is the one I’ve been nursing since an Insanity fitness session earlier this evening. The only barista here is the one lying in bed in her purple cotton tank top. Is she hot? Damn straight. Is she yours? Hells No! Can she serve it black, fresh, and piping hottttt? You bet yo’ last dolla!

Welcome to my blog. It’s a place where I keep it as real as I feel like, serve it up as raw as I want to and watch you drink it in. You ready?;) let’s go…..


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