Peas in a pod

I thought about so many different things to blog about today.

This morning as I rushed around getting my kids ready for school, I thought I would blog about the sweet insanity filled morning I was experiencing…..but not today…I don’t want to relive that. I have the Velcro-induced rip in my stay-up thigh-highs to remind me!

At work, I thought I would blog about the dry noodles I re-hydrated while hearing a mildly funny story from my co-worker.—–> How about No?;)

Then on the way home, I had a BRILLIANT idea and proceeded to command my phone to email me my spoken out loud thoughts. I felt so cutting edge making eye contact with strangers in the stop and go traffic as my phone transcribed every word. It didn’t QUITE work out sooooo here it is below:

speaktophone pic

I’ve settled on saying some nice things about two of my favourite people on this earth (you know who you are!). These are two people I didn’t necessarily love when I first met -now I can’t imagine not having them in my life!

One is my friend J and she is the most non-judgemental person I have ever met. She encourages me to do my best in everything and is probably my biggest career cheerleader. I can tell her anything and everything.

The other is my friend B, she is hilarious and we spend a lot of time laughing about nothing. She has a knack for understanding my cryptic psychology about guys and relationships and embraces all of me!

Laugh, Love, Live.

**Focus on one awesome thing that has happened so far this year: It could be finding love, getting over a crush, landing a new job, a new puppy, seeing your child take her first step, that first smile, a touch that brought butterflies to your tummy, a helping hand, an awesome grade, a compliment, a wedding anniversary, or last but not least, a match on POF or Tinder;)**

Now close your eyes and imagine that awesome thing multiplying. Now smile.:)

Sweet Dreams


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