Stop stalking your children!!

Yay! We did it!! We made it to Friday….let the weekend mania begin.

This is the ONE weekend I don’t really have much planned for. It’s weird not being busy on a weekend. So Sad.

So we go to work all week, body-itch and complain about how hard life is (even though we are lucky to have a job), how everyone wants a piece of us (wow- you’re important. People actually need you!) and how there are ‘not enough hours in the day’….only to get to the weekend and do the same thing  BUT on our time. What gives?

For those with little kids, can I get an Amen for weekend birthday parties you can leave your kids at?:) That is the only time you get ‘free’ guilt-free babysitting, your kids gets free food and entertainment, loot bags and THANK you for it.<——help your kids make more friends because buying a birthday present is totally worth it!

Sometimes, I go to these parties and see parents who feel bad leaving. They are literally holding on to their 5-year olds ” Don’t worry, Saige, Mommy will be right here waiting for you’. Why? WHY? WHYYYYY? Why are you feeling bad? It’s not prison. The fact that they are being stalked by you is scary. IF you do not feel comfortable leaving them with their friends and responsible adults for a birthday party, then maybe they shouldn’t be there at all- just sayin’

I had a super clingy second-child….and it wasn’t always easy to let go. But you can’t do it unless you start. You can’t succeed unless you try. You can’t raise a socially independent and responsible child if you are an overbearing clingy parent.

This weekend, go and have crazy hot steaming sex with that special someone, go shopping and get retail therapy, go for a massage, make non-kraft dinner, go for a wine painting class, read a book, blog, study, meet someone new, do something exciting, do something!!! Life will not wait for you.

Simply put: Birthday parties = Mani-Pedi day for me

Happy Friday!


Peas in a pod

I thought about so many different things to blog about today.

This morning as I rushed around getting my kids ready for school, I thought I would blog about the sweet insanity filled morning I was experiencing…..but not today…I don’t want to relive that. I have the Velcro-induced rip in my stay-up thigh-highs to remind me!

At work, I thought I would blog about the dry noodles I re-hydrated while hearing a mildly funny story from my co-worker.—–> How about No?;)

Then on the way home, I had a BRILLIANT idea and proceeded to command my phone to email me my spoken out loud thoughts. I felt so cutting edge making eye contact with strangers in the stop and go traffic as my phone transcribed every word. It didn’t QUITE work out sooooo here it is below:

speaktophone pic

I’ve settled on saying some nice things about two of my favourite people on this earth (you know who you are!). These are two people I didn’t necessarily love when I first met -now I can’t imagine not having them in my life!

One is my friend J and she is the most non-judgemental person I have ever met. She encourages me to do my best in everything and is probably my biggest career cheerleader. I can tell her anything and everything.

The other is my friend B, she is hilarious and we spend a lot of time laughing about nothing. She has a knack for understanding my cryptic psychology about guys and relationships and embraces all of me!

Laugh, Love, Live.

**Focus on one awesome thing that has happened so far this year: It could be finding love, getting over a crush, landing a new job, a new puppy, seeing your child take her first step, that first smile, a touch that brought butterflies to your tummy, a helping hand, an awesome grade, a compliment, a wedding anniversary, or last but not least, a match on POF or Tinder;)**

Now close your eyes and imagine that awesome thing multiplying. Now smile.:)

Sweet Dreams

Embrace the Monday blah fest

Got over the Monday blahs and loving my Tuesday. I think the best thing is to just let the Monday blahs happen. Who’s with me here? I can hear all the inspirationalists (my word) whispering ‘she really needs to project positivity’. Nice. If you want nice then you are not letting the Monday blahs take their natural course.

Why are Monday blahs important?

1. Because they help other people see your human, vulnerable side (this only applies to those of us that are superstars in whatever it is we are a part of).

2. Your mind and body both feel crappy and are not fighting with each other —–> mental stability

3. You are not pretending to have a fabulous return to work day….so….you are viewed as a trustworthy person. I’m totally SURE there’s a stat somewhere to prove this.;)

4. People are more likely to give you stuff like candy, free coffee (this really works for me like all the time). Sometimes people try to take this as an opp to hug you…ummm sneeze, cough, pull a strand of your hair out and look at it weird. If you like hugs from random people then just enjoy it!

5. Because the only way your week should go after the downer of the blahs is up, up and up past the Wednesday hump and up to Friday junior (aka Thursday) and then to Friday when you can smell the weekend…..

I had a fabulous Tuesday because it wasn’t Monday and because I did the right thing: I let Monday suck. Did you?

No coffee for you!!


So you stumbled across this because you are now in full caffeine withdrawal mode after the four you’ve already had today. OR you hate coffee but thought this was a certain S-coffee house pick up location for skinny pumpkin spice latte lovers huh? Tsk tsk tsk

Sorry to burst your bubble here- the only coffee here is the one I’ve been nursing since an Insanity fitness session earlier this evening. The only barista here is the one lying in bed in her purple cotton tank top. Is she hot? Damn straight. Is she yours? Hells No! Can she serve it black, fresh, and piping hottttt? You bet yo’ last dolla!

Welcome to my blog. It’s a place where I keep it as real as I feel like, serve it up as raw as I want to and watch you drink it in. You ready?;) let’s go…..